Sunday, 24 February 2013

Home again after a new bondage adventure!

Recently got home from a new wonderful bondageshoot.

I had a a lovely time :o) and as always I took the chance of trying on some really cool stuff especially things in metal ( always like to try big, cool heavy gear that I don't have at home)

The result of the trying on cool stuff.... More things adds to the list of many things I like to have at home.. which is getting longer by each day.

Some of the things I got the chance to get looked in to this time was a fiddle, a stock (heavy and lovely ... could have stayed in it for hours ), loads of handcuffs, some really nice collars and then gags of course. A bondage shoot wouldn't be complete without at least one gag ;o).. and of course I wanted to be put in a chastity belt. It's always nice to get more experience in the belt. 
Will tell you more specific later on. 

Thought I share one of the pics from an other lovely shoot.
It was for, and it was my first time ever in a chastity belt and fiddle.


It was just wonderful.
So much of cool (and cold) metalstuff all at one place. Close to heaven for a girl like me!  

I had been really curious for a long time of  how it would feel to wear a belt and of how much I would be able to move around. The belt itself wasn't that heavy but felt very tight all around when it was put on. I was told that is how they should be otherwise they will be very uncomfortable.
It was a weird and a lovely feeling. I liked it :o) and I was surprised by how much I actually could move around in it. My thoughts had been that I would feel so much more restricted in it. Then I sat down to quickly and the belt made me notice that I was indeed locked tight!

I also got to try a Rigid fiddle for the first time I just love fiddles :) and have been wanting to try one of these for years. I have been in fiddles before but they have been more the medieval style and a bit heavy. This one was a bit lighter and felt less clumsy. Hmm... maybe I could sleep in one of these (Must try it )

I love fiddles because of how tight they can be and still feel comfortable to wear. They're also impossible to get out of (still doesn't keep me from trying ;) ) so you're definitely securely looked! (one more thing to the list..)

And the belt?.... well I liked it so much that I got one for myself to have at home ;)