Friday, 15 March 2013


There's always something about hair, isn't it!
Hair has always been seen as a symbol of beauty, vanity and eroticism.
Almost everybody got something to say about hair, everyone has their own taste and preferences. I thought I would start to explain a bit what hair is to me and what I have had the chance to explore the last couple of years that I didn't even know existed!

I am a hair fetishist ( didn't know I could  call myself that ;) ) and just had a vague idea that it was a fetish! Weird, since there so many different fetishes so why not hair.

Hairfetishm is (googling it) when a person sees hair as erotic and experiences sexual arousal  from seeing, touching or eating hair (most commonly head hair). That's the short explanation.
Hairfetishm have as all other fetishes as many different forms as it got followers. You can have a fetish for long hair, short hair, new washed hair, cutting hair, pulling hair, wet hair and the list grows long.....

I remember growing up I wanted as all most every little girl to have long hair and be a princess :o)
(that I wanted to be locked in and then rescued by a prince that's an other story) I remember also never liking to go to the hairdresser, I was always nervous and always hated  how I looked when I came back - I developt a fobia for having scissors behind my back. Still have that one - my worst nightmare!  I never felt the need to cut my hair and always hated to do so ( one explanation to why my hair now is very long and a big part of who I am ) even in my teens I never wanted to change... still wanted to have long hair and well be pretty... So that's a part of my  hairfetish- my own hair and what people could scare me with......

The other part is that I have always felt attracted to men with long hair . I don't know when this started but I think it has always been there, I always liked looking at the ones with long hair otherwise I didn't look at all. Wasn't interested! Have caught myself thinking when seeing someone with very nice hair-wonder how that would feel in my hands....

For me it has always been erotic to run my fingers through a lovers hair ( not saying that everyone who likes that is a fetishist) and always loved the feeling of people doing the same to me and/ or pulling my hair. Somehow though I have always wanted a bit more... something was taken to it's most.... I wanted more.. but I just didn't know what. And I couldn't really say I want you to do this to me - when I didn't know what it was! I have always thought of my hair fetish as a part of my BDSM-life and a part of a D/s play - the thing I have tried and want to try almost always have elements of D/s in them and I'm always on the subside  :)

Simple explained - hair has always taken a huge part of my mind  in what I go for...It has almost always been number one.... Will tell you more about experiences of living out my fetish later on ;)