Saturday, 6 April 2013

The first experiences with hair

I don't really know how my hair fetish started, but I do know when I had my first experiences :)
The first steps into this I don't really count to BDSM, because they were in the "vanilla"part of my life. I do have a vanilla part even though everythings a bit more mixed now  ;o)

The first thing for me was cuddling with the hair of my partner, just remember how I felt satisfaction and that it was a huge turn on. Next thing was instead of hands using the hair to touch my body, Just heaven! The feeling of it against the skin, somewhat ticklish, smooth, gentle and soft. It was a completely different way  and I just loved it!  I wanted more...

When I started to combine it with BDSM, beeing bound to a chair and gagged while caressed with hair... EXPLOSION of feelings, why hadn't I thought about it before....  I could have had even more fun!

The feelings I felt when I asked my partner to pull my hair became a  complete surprised. Normally I am a person who is very, very careful with my hair and would never let anyone else touch it! I want the control over it! ( also a part of my hair fetish thing I think) And to have someone pull it! Nightmare and pleasure at the same time, was that even possible?!

I felt submissive, nervous, lovely and wanted!
After the first time ( and still ) hair is almost always in some way apart of the play!
Going deeper in to this lead to that I always demanded (if a sub can do that ) that I wanted to have the hair run over my body..I also noticed how much you could tease me with it, how frustrated I became. (very interesting leason to learn )
Also got to try how it felt to be kind of gagged with my own hair! Weird but not unpleasant and very effective! Can't drool! Can't talk! well make noise yes  but that I can do in every kind gag ;)

Later on I started to do hairbondage - it's gorgeuos, lovely, strict and gives you an extra dimension of beeing tied and submissive. All of these combined is why I LOVE it! I do hairbondage for modelling and hairbondage for play! I love shooting hairbondage because of how lovely, appealing and experimental you can make it look. I love beeing the one tied up in it because of the strictness and submissiveness it can give me.
And because of the length of my hair there is so many ways you can tie it up!

This was the start of my adventure in to hairfetishm, it was very very  nice!  Will tell you more later on... :o)