Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How did it start...

Was thinking back the other day on how I actually ended up here ( well not the vanilla side, but the BDSM one ;))   So though I share some of the lovely first memories and some more with you.

I probably always have had it in me, remember how I played tying up games with my friend around chairs and beds being a kid - you can use a skipping rope to so many things ;)

My real curiosity started when I was a teenager and found some printed out pictures of tied up girls behind my boyfriends bed, I was trying to be a nice girlfriend and help with cleaning so we could spend more time together. The pictures came as a suprise for me. I didn't know what to do or say - was to shy, innocent and young...
The closest to any kind of porn I had been was some pics on a computerscreen when boys in my class was fooling around -nothing more. So this was something,  the girls weren't even naked on the pics. They were tied up with white ropes and had red ballgags both of them wore office suits. 

After looking at the pics in secret and judging how I was supposed to act, I asked the boyfriend if he'd like to keep them?otherwise I would throw them out. Well thoose two copies went out with the rest of the trash... don't know if that was the right way to react but what could I do?  Have later heard that he became really nervous when I found them, because he didn't know my view of those kinds of pics, Well neither did I  :P

As I said I didn't know how to react - something was making me curios and made it tickle somewhere- but loads of other thoughts told me that THIS IS WRONG From here the road to the way I live and LOVE it hasn't been the simplest and doubts as is this really for me? Can I really like this?why? isn't this lifestyle wrong? But somewhere along there I started to realize I loved every minute  - that was a little bit more then 10 years ago :o)

My first experience where bondage was involved was a Midsummers night eve  the same year I found the pics behind the bed. We were out and celebrating a traditional midsummers with friends, dancing, singing, eating good food and strawberry cake. We were supposed to sleep in a tent that night because of the numbers of people who were there. So as every teenagers in love we crawled in to our sleeping bag late at night.... ;o)

He asked me very carefully if he could tie me up with the rope to the sleeping bag -just hands in front he said while we had sex. I was curious, did want to know how it felt and how my body would respond so I said  Sure, lets try. Looking back that's probably one of the best answers I have given ;) It started this whole thing. I didn't know how it should be and I didn't understand the whole meaning of it just then. The one thing I did know was that I liked it A LOT. Enjoyed every minute- noticed how much it meant and what it did to him. It was just wonderful  Especially how gentle and careful he treated me all through it and afterwards. He was caring loving and just put me in the center, I and what I felt was all that mattered. Afterwards he was very gentle untying the ropes, massaged my hands and kissed them - he was so happy and said so many nice words to me.
I just felt so safe and cared for ! These feeling continued after our first adventure together.

The things I remember the most is the feelings of safety, love and care! (and of course the excitment it started :) )


  1. Hi Pling,

    I've just seen you all tied up and gagged (but with a shorter hair) as Marie. What is your name now?
    Anyway you are very exciting, both as a model and as a writer!

  2. Hi,

    I now go by the name Pling, Marie is one that I used in the beginning and for just one site.
    I'm so happy younlike my work and blog . Thank you! :)