Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fun times !!

Picture update! while I'm thinking about what to tell you next :)

Theme for this one is Hair and  bondage

A lovely tie, tied to a banister, felt a little bit like a mermaid with the hair flowing all around me  :-)

 What more fun could you do on a beach? ;-)

 These two are from a lovely more art and hair inspired shoot.

 Captured and tied up....

 One of my first hairties ! It was lovely and definetly a challenge to do ;-)


Monday, 3 June 2013

In cuffs for 48 hours part 2

So where was I? ;-)

Well in the belt on the floor with my head in a box, feeling the nervousness grow more and more. I probably wasn't longer than half an hour or so in the box to start with, but it felt SO much longer when you can't see and other senses are blocked. I was let out just in time for dinner (my mind had forgotten everything that had to do with food) and I was starting to feel a bit up in the blue ! Dinner was nice, I was put in cuffs and told I had to eat in them, I don't mind eating in cuffs I rather like the feeling, it's interesting every time to see if I manage to do so properly or if I have to be punished afterwards ;-) This time was a success so no punishment.

After dinner I was to my surprise unlocked. First thought in my mind was; hey what now? I'm usually always in cuffs.. But instead I was told to strip of a bit of clothes and then I was lead to a table where I was bent over and tied nicely with my legs a bit a part. After some minutes felt the riding crop.... I'm just loved it ! It's such a nice feeling when handle right, when it hits the thighs, my bum or the soles of my feet. I love the tiny sting it gives and the tingling that lingers for a few seconds more after the stroke. After this the evening continued with me naked or in clothes (depending on being in or outside)- in the belt and with cuffs behind my back, sometimes clamps was attached to my nipples and with weights (a pair of handcuffs or padlocks). I thought  he was joking showing me these but no. It's a lovely and submissive feeling going through me when I have someone pulling the chains to the nipple clamps. In that moment I'm helpless and know that I can't do anything and will do what he asks..

The night was spent in the Belt (of course:) ) and in a two pairs of Irish 8, one for my feet and one for my hands. A short chain was locked in between the pairs and to my belt with a padlock. I was so nervous for spending the night in this position. Was I ever going to go to sleep? how many hours would I be able to sleep without being unlocked? And on top of this a gag was put on. I do love gags but not for sleeping !!  (Didn't sleep in it though, was nicely let out just before I was going to sleep)

When I woke up in the morning (or almost around lunch) I really didn't know if I had been sleeping or not ! I wasn’t at all tired but  I didn't remember falling asleep.  I know that I after a couple of hours sleeping with the hands tightly locked to my belt asked to be let out of them. I started to feel uncomfortable and it wasn't probably too long before my hands would start to tingle. I was unlocked and hands got to be in a pair of hinged for the rest of the night. 

Breakfast that morning was eaten in a pair of cuffs and leg irons.  After that I was just left in chains, which are moments I enjoy during these kinds of sessions. I can just be and think, I do not need to worry about anything. I have some time to process my thoughts of the ongoing play and of my feelings (this helps me to keep the feeling of being "high"  a little bit longer) I also have the chance to think about more fun and evil ties, cuffs, positions and so on that I might want to try. The day continued outside in the sun and with me in different pairs of cuffs and of course in the belt and with the collar around my neck :-)  Loads of time for me just being, thinking and relaxing. It's always nice to let go of all the needs and must and just be. I love doing this with a pair of cuffs or just a collar around my neck. 

Two memorable ties/positions and the hardest ones this day was the strapped outside and once again a hogtie with my head in the box. 

Let's start with the strappado ;-)

This might not look that hard- but believe me after almost 2 hours in this positions you ARE tired ! 
It's a nice position though :-) One of my favorites. It was strict as it should be (not giving me much room to move) and tight just in the right places. 

One of the hard parts just standing there was that I wasn't able, nor was I allowed to speak ! (for me keeping quiet for a long time is hard )  So to describe the strappado - I had two pair of handcuffs ( one hinged, one regular ) a metal chain with a padlock, a tight pair of cuffs to the feet with hardly no chain at all between them and (you don’t see it in the pic ) a chastity belt. And to top it all of a red Ballgag !

When I almost had reached the 2 hours, my mind and body kind of collapsed and from nowhere pain came and tears started running... didn't realize just how tired my body and mind was until I was unlocked and left to rest (didn't notice the tears ) I had really pushed my limit ! I was happy and flying and falling, all at the same time - emotions everywhere. When I was unlocked I didn't even think about the belt or the gag that was in my mouth. I was lost - In subspace somewhere. I was proud and happy that I had endured this and that I had liked it ! I had done well  :)  I had at this point been in some sort of cuffs/gag/restriction for over 28 hours.  Nothing I recommend to anybody not fully knowing what they're doing and not knowing each other.

The other position I remember as very hard was a hogtie on the floor with my head in the wooden box for a longer period.  I was told to take of my jeans and as the day before I was on the floor with a pair of Irish 8 and a chain going through to the cuffs around my feet. My head was after this put in to the wooden box, blocking my sense of sight and to some extent my hearing, the new thing today was that a harness gag was put on before my head was put in the box. 
(Need to mention that this was a punishment for me doing things I was told not to do  ;-) )

After one hour or so in this position I started to feel nervous, I couldn't see anything, and I was definitely out of all control. Horrible ! I like losing control and giving it to a person I trust but not being able to see what was going on was hard so hard….
I got to know how long I had left after one hour, one and a half hour  and when it was 20 minutes left. Time has never gone so quick and so slow at the same time. Interesting how can it go both ways??

That night I spent in chains, one chain going around my waist down between my legs and locked. I also had slave cuffs and collar on. No need to tell I slept really well that night :-) Didn't wake up once!

Writing this I feel the need to say  Do not try this if you do not know what you're doing and know the person you’re doing it together with ! SO many things can go wrong. I have known my partner for a long time and been in this for over 10 years. It's so vital that you are thinking of all the safety aspects and do all to minimize/prevent any damage that can come - both to the body and mind. 

Next time I'll promise will be more hair related ;-)