Monday, 4 November 2013

Darker and rainy - more time for play !!

So here we go again.
November, it's getting darker and rainy -though it could be the worst time of the year this means more time indoors and that equals more time for play ! :-)

I have during the summer and the beginning of autum experienced some completly new things - some old ones but with a twist and I have bought a couple of more fun cuffs to get stuck in ;)
Stories of the fun things I have had during the summer to come but just thought I share some pics and thoughts with you !

Among the new things I have added to my little stash there are;

I walked in to the store and it just stood there....
A lovely chair- that from now on will be known as the bondagechair :-)  
At the moment I'm thinking of all the possible ties that someone can  get me stuck to this in :-) Any suggestions?

My newest addition to my cuff collection! Looks like a normal single cuff- It actually fits around my neck so a neck cuff!!! (And yes I promise that I'm very very careful using it)
Had a lovely trip to London  and I found these :-)

Think I will call them B cuff ?? well maybe not the greatest name but a good description.

This summer I also started (again) the practice that I have tried many times- wanting to be able to get my elbows together behind my back. Lets just see how long I can keep it up- and if it will give result! I know all aren't really build for it but I so want to be able to as far as I can and I know that it actually gets easier and a bit bendier after every practice. So I'll keep you posted!

And I also have had a day in chains again. It was a lovely warm summerday with loads of cold metal, gags and my lovely stock. 
I started the day in chains and ended it in them. I was put in this when I was running (according to the ones with the keys ) to much. I wasn't really running I promise- just walking a little bit on the grass with my leg-irons on enjoying the feeling of cuffed outside. Well a hogtie for 2 hours was the price. Though I enjoyed that as much :o)
Hogcuffed outside !

And now to some fun things I have shoot!
Rock n roll

Enjoyed beeing tied up..
maybe a bit to much ;-)