Monday, 4 November 2013

Darker and rainy - more time for play !!

So here we go again.
November, it's getting darker and rainy -though it could be the worst time of the year this means more time indoors and that equals more time for play ! :-)

I have during the summer and the beginning of autum experienced some completly new things - some old ones but with a twist and I have bought a couple of more fun cuffs to get stuck in ;)
Stories of the fun things I have had during the summer to come but just thought I share some pics and thoughts with you !

Among the new things I have added to my little stash there are;

I walked in to the store and it just stood there....
A lovely chair- that from now on will be known as the bondagechair :-)  
At the moment I'm thinking of all the possible ties that someone can  get me stuck to this in :-) Any suggestions?

My newest addition to my cuff collection! Looks like a normal single cuff- It actually fits around my neck so a neck cuff!!! (And yes I promise that I'm very very careful using it)
Had a lovely trip to London  and I found these :-)

Think I will call them B cuff ?? well maybe not the greatest name but a good description.

This summer I also started (again) the practice that I have tried many times- wanting to be able to get my elbows together behind my back. Lets just see how long I can keep it up- and if it will give result! I know all aren't really build for it but I so want to be able to as far as I can and I know that it actually gets easier and a bit bendier after every practice. So I'll keep you posted!

And I also have had a day in chains again. It was a lovely warm summerday with loads of cold metal, gags and my lovely stock. 
I started the day in chains and ended it in them. I was put in this when I was running (according to the ones with the keys ) to much. I wasn't really running I promise- just walking a little bit on the grass with my leg-irons on enjoying the feeling of cuffed outside. Well a hogtie for 2 hours was the price. Though I enjoyed that as much :o)
Hogcuffed outside !

And now to some fun things I have shoot!
Rock n roll

Enjoyed beeing tied up..
maybe a bit to much ;-)


  1. Have you thought about having plugs locked inside you during one of your long-term bondage sessions?

    1. Yes I have thought about that ;-) And I am thinking about how I can be able to try that! ;-)

    2. Plugs, plural? Because that would be extremely hawt.

  2. Suggestion for "Bondage Chair": Of course a very short cuff chain through the ring. Hair braided with long leather thong and securely attached to ring. If you have been very bad (or very good) you are forced to watch the entire DVD "The Secretary". Bunbuster

    1. That is a lovely suggestion!!!
      Going to make sure that is on my to do list and among tings I would like to shoot! :-)

  3. Would there be any chance of you doing an update highlighting your nails? They're always so long and I think they're really nice. Especially when they are put into shackles ;)

  4. It is definetly not impossible! :-)
    Will have a look and see if I can find some nice pics of them in shackles ;-)

  5. How about an update about spanking / flogging / caning / etc? I'm a big fan of your bondage work, but I'll admit I've not seen any of your spanking work anywhere.

  6. That will come :-)
    There is some spanking of mine on but under the name Elin


  7. Sorry for the repost but i thought it might be better to reply in your latest entry.

    Hello you both. I am a 30 years old sub and i thought i would share my experience and thoughts with you.

    I have been a hairfetishist for as long as i can remember. I had the chance to be trained by my BF who is also my Master.
    As he knew i had this hair "thing" :-) He made me have a few session with one of his friend. The sessions were innocent at first but became more significative with time.
    My hair was the ultimate thing in my life, only surpassed by my devotion to being a sub.

    Cutting my hair was like going on the moon with a bicycle. It was literally unthinkable.

    I was exactly like you at first. I didn't think that cutting my hair for real would turn me on. I didn't have the feeling down inside.
    By analogy it was like being in handcuffs was enough... no need to be whipped. The fear itself was enough to trigger my sub brain.
    We all know now that missing the whipping part would be really sad :-)

    So at first i was convinced that having him play with my hair was satisfying all my sub needs.
    Boy was i wrong.
    One day, my hairfetish trainer decided it was time to cut my butt length hair super short. We had a "safe word". I decided not to use it. I let him go through with it and decided to see what was "on the other side".
    (Isn't this the way we became true subs anyway ?)
    So i let him run the clippers on my head.
    On the social and conscious aspect, sincerely din't want this.
    But i had to go through with it anyway
    Otherwise it would be like being canned and only hear the sound or the stick... without the pain.

    It truly made a huge difference in my life. It opened doors that didn't even know existed.
    What i was as a sub before was nothing compared to what i am now.
    Yes it was traumatic at first but it quickly translated in becoming the ultimate sacrifice that made me lower my ears faster than ever when i know that "play" is coming.

    My BF is forever grateful that this happened. His power over me doubled. He owns me more than ever and it "relaunched" our relationship.

    Reading your posts made me feel like doing it again. More than the first time. I was blocked (like you) in the beginning. I was not different than you... i just didn't know. This is why i decided to share my experience

    My best advice... life is short... don't close the door on experiences.. specially if you have the right Owner and/or the right Trainer.

  8. great blog but you should post more pics

  9. When God made you He created a small miracle, did it hurt when you fell out of Heaven, Plingy cutie? You have such a sweet face and watching you doing stuff with Ariel made me smile. I mean you were so compassionate, as if you didn't really like being a Dom. I giggled a lot watching you being so cute. Please post more and make this blog active again :)