Monday, 6 January 2014

Being in leather!

Being stuck in leather is really fun and challenging!! I have tried it a couple of times and I now own a couple of leather straps/thongs, a posture collar and a pair of lovely elbow cuffs! 
One of the first time I was really stuck in leather though was when I was visiting
They have a huge and lovely collection of different leather contraptions, cuffs and gags. And they were very kind to let me try some really interesting leather things! Thought I tell you a little bit about it.

I had never thought of a leather chastity belt! But turns out they have it! And I got to get locked in to it. :) It is a different feeling from being in a metal one, I could move around a bit more- easier to sit and lay down. But still the belt did it's work - it was thight, locked and no chance of getting something in between ;)
 I also got to wear this lovely wide, thick leather collar. I love collars and this was not an exception. I could have worn it the whole day. The reasons I love collars are many, I like being restrained and a wide collar do that to you - It'll make it harder to move your head from side to side or up and down, another reason is because they for me are a little bit of bondage that can (depending on collar) be worn everyday in normal situations. Though this one was the kind that would restrict me! I could move my head from side to side still but up and especially down was hard cause it was wide and thick. I loved it.

The first postion I got to try out in leather was a strict reversed prayer! I had tried the position before but never with leather. It was a fun and very strict postion to be in. The leather thongs didn't give an inch for me to flex - just kept the arms in the right position. And I do also always love to try to get loose - can say I didn't manage that. The buckle on the straps was to far away for me to reach ;)

I also got to be in a lovely body harness with my elbows behind my back, my ankles belted to my thighs and a harness ring-gag. And to top it off hogtied.  I like it :)

When I got home from this lovely shoot I decided that I wanted a pair of elbow leather cuffs for myself. I found just the pair I wanted and have started my training of getting the elbows together behind my back.  Leather are also something I will explore more ;) Especially cuffs and straps!